Our project

ECOCOA is the desire to offer small, meaningful answers to today’s major environmental concerns.

At ECOCOA, we want to offer cocoa farmers sustainable solutions so that they can improve their living conditions while preserving their forests.

Our team of “experienced” foresters therefore worked alongside cocoa farmers in the village of KONGO in Cameroon to set up a culture of ” FOREST COCOA” – 100% traceable and 100% zero deforestation.

In its natural state, the cocoa tree grows in the shade of the tall trees of the tropical forest. Our goal was therefore to ingeniously integrate these trees into our approach so that they ensure the quality of cocoa and its sustainability.

Goodbye to intensive crops exposed to the sun and wind, our cocoa grows quietly in the shade, respecting its original environment.

ECOCOA buys this cocoa at a higher price than the market.

Paid a fair price, producers can live decently while preserving their forests.

Traceability of cocoa

In order to complete our approach and ensure the traceability of this cocoa, we have provided material support to producers with a new fermentation and drying center. This center currently employs 5 people and allows to scrupulously respect the post-harvest process necessary for a quality cocoa.

In total, more than 40 families of producers participate in this beautiful

chocolate adventure!