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A GOOD chocolate for all

Good for

Thanks to our “RESPONSIBLE COCOA” origin at the beginning of the chain.
Our cocoa grows in the forest itself, respecting its natural habitat.

Our chocolate bars are also sold in fully compostable packaging.

Good for
the consumer

Our approach allows us to ensure the traceability and quality of our cocoa.

Thanks to a meticulous post-harvest treatment and an artisanal processing method, we offer the consumer the possibility of discovering the true flavours of our cocoa.

The implementation of our “short chain” allows us to increase the producer’s income without charging the final consumer a high price.

Good for
the producer

The implementation of our “short chain” has a positive impact on the income of the cocoa farmer.

The sustainability of the cocoa sector offers producers prospects that were previously very uncertain.

The modification of the infrastructure considerably improves working conditions.

The recognition of each other’s knowledge strengthens the relationship of mutual respect.

An artisanal chocolate created from beans to bars

Because for us, eating should remain a pleasure

Because our food choices also contribute to a sustainable world

A chocolate for every occasion

Milk chocolate 44%

Milk chocolate 58%

Dark chocolate 70%

Dark chocolate 85%

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