Our associates

The Responsible Cocoa project was born out of the need to find a meaningful solution to deforestation in Cameroon, particularly in the landscape between the Dja National Park and the FSC-certified forest concessions managed by Pallisco. We needed to take concrete action to positively impact local communities, biodiversity and the climate.

To this end, Eticwood, Pallisco and the ACEFA PCP mobilized AFD to support them in the creation of a high quality cocoa sector, produced in a responsible manner at all levels.

From the very first production, Eticwood joined forces with a new partner: Durwood. Together, they created Ecocoa in order to close the loop by controlling each stage from the cocoa tree to the chocolate bar, and to guarantee that these exceptional beans have a market that is worthy of them.

Notre partenaire Eticwood


WHO? Belgian consultancy firm, active in the world of tropical forestry and carbon, composed of forestry and agroforestry experts.

WHAT ? Ensures the supervision, implementation and monitoring of the project in the field and in Belgium, as well as the vulgarization of the scientific aspects.

Notre partenaire Durwood


WHO ? Belgian company active in sustainable wood preservation treatments and the import of certified wood

WHAT ? Supervises the chocolate manufacturing and marketing activities in Belgium

Notre partenaire Pallisco


WHO ? Cameroonian FSC-certified forestry company (sustainable management)

WHAT ? Provides logistics and timber and its construction team for the infrastructure of the processing centre in Kongo. Also supports the community aspects of the project through its social team.

Notre partenaire PCP-ACEFA


WHO ? Ministry of Agriculture programme in Cameroon

WHAT ? Supports and trains cocoa farmers in good agricultural practices

Notre partenaire Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech

WHO ? Belgian university, exclusively dedicated to agronomy and biological engineering, with strong expertise in tropical ecosystems

WHAT ? Support the project on scientific and innovation aspects, mainly agroforestry

Notre partenaire AFD


WHO ? French Development Agency, active in more than 100 countries to achieve the MDGs

WHAT ? Supports and accompanies the project, in particular by financing the costs related to its management and supervision.



WHO ? Program for the promotion of certified forest exploitation (COMIFAC)

WHAT ? Support for setting up the sector in Kongo through the financing of opportunity studies



WHO ? International Technical Association of Tropical Timber,

WHAT ? Support for the development of sustainable and ethical industries, and certified companies, in particular through its Fair&Precious brand.